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BBQ Sandwiches & Sandwich Plates
Choice of Smoked Meat:
Sliced Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Pastrami.
Tri-Tip Steak or Turkey (add $1.50); Cheese (add $.50)

Sandwich only $7.50
One Side add $2.00
Two Sides add $3.00

BBQ Meat Burritos
Choose Beef, Pork or Chicken
Also includes: Pinto Beans, Salsa, Cheese
Choice of Red Taco, Green, Regular or Spicy Sauce.

Guacamole & Sour Cream add .75 ea

Garden Salad $3.75
Salad with your choice of meat $7.95
Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Thousand Island

Kids Meals
(12 and under)

Choice of:
Chicken Strips, Sliced Beef, Pulled Chicken or Pulled Pork.

Includes one side, sweet roll and a small soda $5.75

Soft Drinks
Soda $1.50
Iced Tea $1.50
Milk $1.75
Bottled Water $1.25
Coffee $1.25
NOS Energy Drink $3.05

Charley's Crew Favorites
Sydney's Southern Comfort $9.00
C's Hog Dog Ask
Hog Thai'd $8.50
The "Suzy B" (Friday Nights Only) $9.00
BBQ Meal Plates

A choice of Smoked Meat, Sweet Roll & (2) Sides

Meats -
Sliced Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken
Turkey Breast or Tri-Tip Steak (add $1.50)

Sides -
Homemade Fries, Potato Salad, BBQ Beans, Green Beans, Coleslaw, or Hawaiian Fruit Salad

1 Meat $14.00
2 Meats $16.00
3 Meats $19.00
4 Meats $22.00

Rib Plates

1/4 Rack Plate (4 ribs/spares only) $13.95
1/2 Rack Plate (about 6 ribs) $18.95
Full Rack Plate $25.95

Smoked Chicken Plates

1/2 Chicken $13.95
Whole Chicken $18.95

Family Feed Trough

Full rack of baby back ribs, half pound of beef brisket, half pound of pulled pork, pint of cole slaw, pint of BBQ beans, four sweet rolls and a large order of fries
Only $59.95 (Over $70 value!)

Smoked Prime Rib
(served Friday night only!)
Served with 2 sides and a sweet roll.

8 oz. $19.95
12 oz. $22.95
16 oz. $25.95

Beer and Wine
Beer $2.75
Craft Beer $3.25
Coors N/A $2.00
House White / Red Wine $3.75
Featured Local Vineyard Wine $5.00
Cork Fee $5.00
Side Dishes
Mac n Cheese $3.50
Jalapeno Rings $3.50
Baked Potato $2.00
Fries $3.25
Hushpuppies $3.00
Corn Fritters $3.00
Sweet Potato Tots $3.00
Hot Wings $9.00

Just the Meat

Half chicken $9.95
Whole chicken $14.95

Beef Brisket, Pulled Chicken, Pulled Pork

1/4 Pound $5.25
1/2 Pound $9.95
1 Pound $14.95

Tri-Tip, Pastrami & Turkey

1/4 Pound $6.75
1/2 Pound $10.95
1 Pound $16.95

Ribs (Spares or Baby Back)

1/2 Rack $14.25
Full Rack $23.00


1/2 Pint $4.25
Pint $6.50
Quart $10.75

Charley's BBQ Sauces
Regular Kim's Up-A-Notch
Spicy Blackberry
Smokey Chipotle
Sweet Baby Hot Thai Peanut
Sweet & Tangy Rays Raspberries Chipotle
North Carolina  

All prices subject to change.

WARNING: Due to the 14 hour long process in slow smoking our meat, we do occasionally sell out prior to the end of the day.
To guarantee availability, please call ahead and request large orders in advance.
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